Thank you to Joanne and Jack Colback


This is a long overdue post to thank two very special people who have helped Finley during his treatment and and beyond. They have also helped various other poorly children and charities. Jack and Joanne Colback (members of Finley’s family) helped us enormously. They made it possible for Finley (and us as a family) to visit Winter Wonderland last year and during his treatment visited him in Hospital and cheered him up. Amongst many other things.


During the 2015 – 2016 season Jack wore under his NUFC shirt a top with a message to Finley on (looking for chance to score to show it off) it and his name on his boots. This meant so much to us a family and we can’t wait to tell Finley when he’s older. It gave us a boost every week to know his name were on those boots and shirt.

We wish to give this couple the recognition they deserve thank you Jack and Joanne for supporting us, Finley’s Gift and Children with cancer. Xxx

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