Our Story

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To cut a long story short, since birth we felt something wasn’t quite right. Finley was often agitated, high pitched screaming especially whilst lying on his back, waking constantly and extremely clingy. He was diagnosed with severe reflux, sandifer syndrome and cows milk protein allergy. A mother’s instinct is always right and deep down i knew something else was up. Finley being my second child I had some experience of these things but not the medical expertise to pinpoint exactly what. Numerous trips to health professionals, cranial osteopaths etc endured until a case of tonsillitis and vomiting episode catapulted us back to A and E where a young doctor listened to our concerns and found what she thought was an abdominal mass.

Photo 23-02-2015 20 13 05On Friday 13th February (how apt) our world was turned upside down when we were ushered into a little room complete with tissues and told the devastating news that our 8 month old baby boy had what very much looked like kidney cancer (Wilms tumour) according to the utrasound undertaken that morning and the experienced eye of the doctor.


We were whisked off to the oncology department at the RVI and booked in for an MRI the following week. The results of this proved what they thought and on the 23 February we were in hospital for 8 nights whilst Finley underwent a biopsy, had a portacath fitted under his skin and had his first cycle of chemotherapy.

Photo 30-03-2015 13 01 59Finley has now had four weeks worth of chemotherapy and is scheduled for surgery in April to have his left kidney and tumour removed. Depending on the histology report of the tumour Finley may have to endure a further six months of chemotherapy.

Finley has been an inspiration to us how well he has coped so far he is a Wilms Warrior and we wish to raise awareness of this cancer. Around 70 children in the UK develop a Wilms’ tumour each year. It often affects children under the age of 5.


We wish to help charities that help families like us such as Clic Sargent, Bethany’s Wish, Great North Children’s hospital in particular Ward 4 and 14 and Family Fund.

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