Meeting with Alan Shearer!


Cheryl Davison who is part of Finley’s Gift and a relative of Finley himself, recently bumped into football legends Alan Thompson and Lee Clark on a flight.  They took an interest in Finley’s Gift and helped to raise awareness of childhood cancer by posing with Finley’s Gift mascot Jameson the teddy bear! On returning to the UK Cheryl heard that Newcastle and England hero Alan Shearer was willing to meet Finley and help spread our message.

Cheryl volunteers on the children’s wards at the RVI in Newcastle and is well aware of the impact of childhood cancers and serious illnesses on the child and their families. The photos with Alan Shearer will hopefully help us raise awareness of childhood cancers as many people we speak to are unaware of how children can be affected or are very uncomfortable with the idea of children with cancer.

A big thank you to Alan Thompson and Alan Shearer for taking the time to meet us that day.


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