Fundraising Guidelines for Finley’s Gift

Before organising your fundraising events for Finley’s Gift and in honour of Finley, we kindly request you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Make us aware – please contact us before any plans are made, so we can help promote the event across our own channels and so we are aware of any events happening using Finley’s name. We can then give the go ahead.
  • Tell the correct story – (please use the correct ‘Our Story’ text on our website)
  • Media – only use the supplied ‘Press Room’ photos and logo images provided on the Media Centre page of our website.
  • Charities/Projects – decide on which of our supported charities/projects you would like to fundraise for and clearly state this on all promo material.
  • Funds – state any funds raised are for the charities supported and not for Finley’s Gift directly.
  • Child cancer – ultimately raise awareness of child cancer.

Mandatory links to add to promo material:

Photos/Videos during event

We request that any photos or videos taken during the event that will be shared on social media such as instagram, facebook or twitter, to be tagged with the hashtag #finleysgift this way we can pick up and re-share the status updates on our own channels*

*Only photos and videos of officially approved events can be shared in our name.

Finances & Payments

JustGiving – Easiest way is to setup a direct-to-charity JustGiving page to raise funds for the chosen charity

GoFundMe – If fundraising for one of our ‘projects’ that will ultimately go to a charity, you will need to setup a GoFundMe page where you collect the funds personally, to then share to ourselves – or we can set this up for you – just ask!

Sponsor Form – Click the link to the left to download our sponsor form PDF for you to use in your own fundraising events

Cash/Cheque – Contact us for details on who the cheque should be made out to or if you can meet us in person with the cash raised.

Paypal – Our paypal address for donations is :

References, Images & Media for use

Our Story link –

Supported Charities & Projects –

Child Cancer Info –

Link to download Photos & Logos to use in your promo material:

(please use only ‘Press Room’ category)